Diagnostic and Performance Tuning
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Engine check light on? No power? Hard to start

Diagnosis of faults in modern diesel vehicles is a complex and technical process which must be performed by highly trained Diagnosticians. Todays diesel engines are entirely computer controlled

When it comes to finding the cause of the fault with your diesel engine, the diagnostic process relies on skilled technicians using the latest in electronic computer based diagnostic scanners and oscilloscopes to quickly find and rectify the fault, minimising downtime and keeping costs under control.

At Diesel Services NZ we have invested heavily in Diagnostic tools and training for our technicians. Combined with our knowledge and our experience makes us the best choice for solving those complicated engine management problems.

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Craving more power? Would like better fuel economy?

We can help. By fitting a Steinbauer performance tuning module to your Common Rail Diesel vehicle, you could have up to 25% more power and torque.

Steinbauer is recognised as the best performance module manufacturer in the world. The Steinbauer product is top quality and has been extensively tested with proven results.

Available for most makes of vehicle, European, Japanese, American, Korean or otherwise.

Have a Steinbauer module fitted to your vehicle today, We promise, you wont be disappointed. (Performance specifications and fuel economy vary between models)

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